Download Forms & Sample Data

Below are templates you can use to set up your Mail Merge campaign as well as data examples.

Instructions: Simply download the forms you need, customize your Mail Merge by importing your Excel .csv data into the forms, and send it to us. See the videos if you need help.

Data examples include land in Pueblo, CO, homes in Torrance, CA and apartments in New York City, NY.

Full-Service Clients can also choose to complete and submit the land or house request form with all the criteria you would like to include in your data pull.

Take a look, and then choose the product that’s right for you!

Templates & Mailer Example:

Mailer Templates (MS Word)
Data Templates (MS Excel)



Land Data Template

Download (Land+Data+Template.xlsx)

SFR Data Template

Download (SFR+Data+Template.xlsx)

Mailer Examples (PDF)



Land Mailer Example

Download (Land+Mailer+Example.pdf)

SFR Mailer Example

Download (SFR+Mailer+Example.pdf)

Data Examples:

Data Example (Land)

Acreage in Pueblo, Colorado 

Download (Land+Data+Example.xlsx)

Data Example (Housing)




Houses in Torrance, California

Download (Housing+Data+Example.xlsx)

Data Example (Commercial)




Apartments in New York City

Download (Commercial+Data+Example.xlsx)

Full-Service Data Request Forms:

Data Criteria Request Form (Land)

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Data Criteria Request Form (House/SFR)

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